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We envision ‘Seattle South Asian’ ( as key communicating channel in connecting South Asian communities in Seattle. Diverse and rich heritage we enjoy between the communities presents itself in multi-dimensional cultural practices and social activities. We hope to make ‘Seattle South Asian’ a platform to showcase this phenomenon with your help.

What we need from your non-profit organization by 10th of every month

1. List of events you will be organizing NEXT CALENDAR MONTH in your community /society/group and wish to announce for the benefit of your members and our readers. Email us ( as much information as possible about the event/activity/ celebration including:

a. Date and day of the event
b. Start and end Time/Duration
c. Location/Driving directions/Parking info
d. Contact info/ web link
e. Food/Snack/Drinks arrangements if any
f. Free/Fee based
g. Dress code if any
h. Open to all/Only for the community
i. Brief description of the event
j. Any appeals for the event – like need volunteers – to help, sell tickets etc.

2. Send us information on special programs you are organizing, like music classes,
children learning programs, Gardening lessons, guest speakers or similar events which
will help the community.

3. Send us information on past (previous or current month) programs/events /activities /happenings with pictures and stories to print in our next issue.

4. Any other information you wish requires attention of the communities.

Media Kit: Email for media kit to meet your advertising needs.
We are very aggressively priced on our standard ad rates (affordable to every business),
but our non-profit rates they are much better. Email or call for media kit: 248-677-5523,
512-828-6709 /

Your story: We plan to showcase one South Asian community in Seattle each month.
Send us an article with pictures about your organization. Tell the South Asian community
how your organization started in Seattle, how it grew, what you have accomplished and
what your future plans are.

Feel free to email ( or call 248-677-5523/ 281-381-0744 if you have any
question and visit our website: .


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